How to talk to strangers: a guide to bridging what divides us – by Kio Stark

The recent American Presidential Election, Brexit decision of the UK and the way the media have reported these events have highlighted and fueled divisions within our cultures

Photograph: Julia Rothman

A fleeting alliance at the grocery store

Is this really true? Do such massive differences exist? Are such divisions a fact or a media created issue? The attached article is a refreshingly positive piece with some simple solutions. Too often the media just highlights the problems, where is the profit in being positive? The message of the author Kio Stark is to seek out fleeting intimacy! “In our smallest positive interactions with strangers in passing, we experience something called “fleeting intimacy”. That’s a brief encounter that gives us a momentary feeling of connectedness, of belonging. I think we need to start using our interactions with strangers to create what I’ll call fleeting alliances. “ – Kio Stark Read the full article here.