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Time is a Material

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In other words to us Brits, Americans and probably Germans it is not only very important, ie it matters. But, also it is matter, it can be segmented and scheduled, we look ahead and time is orientated to what will happen in the future, more than what happened in the past.

We earn it, we spend it, save it and waste it. Having two things going at the same time is wrong. Multi-tasking may be – according to various studies, something that women excel at or be one performance indicator by which your boss gauges your effectiveness. But, for every study that says multi-tasking is effective, there is an equal number that simply describes it as task switching.

However, I digress, the fact is that American and British cultures are very monochronic, whilst France, for example, is polychronic. So, be aware that the next time you are answering a phone call, typing a report and at the same time addressing your British colleague who is standing in front of you-you are not displaying an aura of ultra-efficiency, you are actually causing his or her blood pressure to rise – dramatically.