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Journée Thématique Participer Efficacement à une Téléconférence

I have just finished 3 one day courses entitled “Journée Thématique Participer Efficacement à une Téléconférence” In today’s multinational business environment teleconferences, where the working language is English, are the norm and a daily part of any working day. On these one day courses the participants were invited to take an in-depth look at the issues they faced, sometimes with trepidation, each time they had a meeting via telephone or via a video conference. The practical side of the course worked towards creating a mode d’emploi for all their future meetings and lots of practice with useful collocations and practicing the necessary etiquette. In the afternoon we looked at how culture can impact upon meetings, on responding and asking questions, making presentations and making up for the lack of body language in these situations. There was excellent feedback from all 14 participants.

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