Chapter and Verse, Courses, of course!

SaVOIR à arrivé!

No, it’s not an example of badly written French!

Study and Various Online  Individual Resources

Study and Various Online Individual Resources

S.a.V.O.I.R is an acronym for Study and Various Online Individual Resources. I am really excited about this system. It’s not new technology, so some of you may well have seen it before. This is a big advantage, firstly if you are familier with a system you can quickly start to benefit from all the features  and secondly, it’s a tried and tested system so all the bugs and problems have been addressed – making the whole platform more reliable. This is a new site at that can be reached either directly from this link or via the SAVOIR section on the main site. SAVOIR has a number of uses:
  • There are additional materials. online, to supplement those that you received during a face to face session.

  • Your lesson notes and copies of the materials from your lessons will be uploaded onto a secure area just for you.

  • Access to the ALUMNI of students from to allow you to keep up to date with all that is new and interesting in the world of intercultural management.

All this is included within the price of your training and is a very environmentally friendly way of ensuring that you have everything you need for your studies of for your workshop.