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Chapter and Verse, Newswordy
This picture has apparently been causing a bit of a stir in the English Speaking press. The question being is it a culture clash or just two countries playing sport, some focused on the culture some on the sport. The net result was that the press began playing Adjective Top Trumps.For the Times it was a “culture clash”, for the Daily Mail “a massive cultural divide” between “the cover-ups” and “the cover-nots” – and for the Sun the cultural divide was not “massive” but “colossal”. The BBC web site asked the question – Does this image represent cultural differences between humans, two different ways to oppress women, or does it simply represent two athletes at the absolute pinnacle of their game playing in attire in which they feel comfortable? It made me think of what an excellent example of stereotyping this was. Geert Hofstede explains that if you could draw a graph of the values of two different cultures there would be large areas of commonality between both. Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 18.43.19 However, it is never the common ground and the common ground is that here is a picture of two women playing a sport. Disappointingly however, we see rarely see the things we have in common, no, we see the extremes, the startling, surprising or astounding. … Whoops I went into adjective overdrive! Who needs journalism school!

No, it’s not an example of badly written French!

S.a.V.O.I.R is an acronym for Study and Various Online Individual Resources. I am really excited about this system. It’s not new technology, so some of you may well have seen it before. This is a big advantage, firstly if you are familier with a system you can quickly start to benefit from all the features  and secondly, it’s a tried and tested system so all the bugs and problems have been addressed – making the whole platform more reliable. This is a new site at http://martinbaker.education/ that can be reached either directly from this link or via the SAVOIR section on the main site. SAVOIR has a number of uses:
  • There are additional materials. online, to supplement those that you received during a face to face session.

  • Your lesson notes and copies of the materials from your lessons will be uploaded onto a secure area just for you.

  • Access to the ALUMNI of students from martinbaker.fr to allow you to keep up to date with all that is new and interesting in the world of intercultural management.

All this is included within the price of your training and is a very environmentally friendly way of ensuring that you have everything you need for your studies of for your workshop.