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The Green Room

It is appalling that on a daily basis we have to fight big companies, to argue with governments, and risk our own livelihoods - that is the reality of the micro-entrepreneur that prioritises the environment in their business plan.


Whilst I am no Greta Thurburg, I do hate to see waste, unnecessary paper and try to be as carbon neutral as I can.

To that end I use public transport, I cycle from client to client, I don't drink bottled water, I refill my bidon, I use NO paper in my training of any clients and I use no paper for contracts of submission of invoices.
Using Pedal Power

Lyon is an excellent city in which to cycle. It really makes commuting a joy.

The Tram Train

Economic, Rapid and Ecologic - The Tram train runs from L


Does your training provider use a lot of paper? Provide fancy bottled water? Provide a car park because everyone drives to the venue? Have a massive administration network, which you pay for? Is located in prime costly real estate because they describe themselves as bespoke? Then not only are you probably overpaying but so too is the planet and I don't think that is acceptable.