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September 30, 2017 - Martin Baker - martinbaker.fr

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Branding, Personal Branding

Having room in your studies to focus on CV creation and/or personal branding is a must. “I have no time” is an excuse that just doesn’t cut the mustard and neither is the refusal to accept that you need to sell yourself. Every job application is just that – a sales pitch.  Would you leave the sale of such a valuable commodity as yourself, to someone else? I wouldn’t – it’s solely my responsibility, but it doesn’t stop me from getting some help.

Creating your personal brand is a process, a journey and not just a case of writing a few words; it’s about sending a coherent, consistent and culturally aware message across your on-line and physical networks.

Getting yourself to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons is no easy task. It can be a both stimulating mission and, at the same time, an intimidating chore.  Managing your personal brand is a responsibility that if undertaken with honesty and recognition of your own strengths and weaknesses can give you a distinct advantage in today’s competitive job market.

However, do it badly… Your online presence is like your body language, you don’t have to be an expert to notice insincerity or inaccuracies. 
You can have the very best skills in accounting or economics or finance or information systems or management or marketing or human resources or policy or language and on and on it goes. But, if you don’t have the wherewithal to communicate your skills and aptitude to a particular role; no recruiter in the world is going to even notice you, let alone get you an interview. 

So there are no valid excuses when it comes to not communicating who you are. Getting your first job or internship are recognised first steps in your career path, neither of which will be possible unless you start creating your brand. TODAY