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Through my work in culturally sensitive environments, with different nationalities and ethnic groups I realised the significance of culture in developing strategies, aiding communication and building bridges.
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I help people communicate across cultures and inspire clients to achieve more than they thought they could; through variety, realism, originality and fun.
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I’m an administration loathing optimist and trainer who, when I hear the phrase, “because we’ve always done it like that,” wonders if there is a better way. I value passion over prosperity every time.
Culture is THE strategy

Whilst the software of machines may be globalised, the software of the minds that use them is not.

People from different cultures do things differently; there are no good or bad cultures per se – just different. That’s what makes the world so fascinating but it can make doing business so frustrating — and challenging.

What all this tells us is that any business strategy that fails to consider culture could see it loosing, rather than closing, that important deal.

Teaching language is not enough.

Global communication may be thriving, but so too are the barriers to efficient communication between cultures.

Therefore, I teach communication.

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There’s more to English than language

By using an intelligent mix of language, culture and communication, I am able to deliver a quality product and guarantee high levels of satisfaction.

My Values

– Optimism over pessimism
– Formation is more important than Administration
– Passion over prosperity
– Inspiration over stagnation.